Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review [contains a few spoilers]


click to go to IMDb I had the best of all possibilities when viewing this film. I went with a couple of other movie fans who were good company, also wanting to get the best out of this new film. As such, we went to a late showing at an I-Max theater in 3D. Hardly anyone else in the theater, we were able to select seating of our choice. Right, so let’s get started.

Here’s an overview of this movie, then I’ll dive into some detail. The detail section shouldn’t be read if you haven’t seen the movie, it contains a few spoilers.

The actors are all bringing their A game in this movie. I have to especially mention, without a doubt Andrew Garfield is outstanding as Peter Parker and his comic book alter-ego, Spider-Man. They also got it right with Jamie Fox. He easily could have pushed this role too far and we…

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