So Sarkodie, John Dumelo, D-Black And Others Couldn’t Wear Their Own Designer Clothing To The VGMAs, So Who Should Wear Them???

Clement Asomani

I just pounced on this and thought I should share it with our readers. First of all, I have always thought the Ghanaian celebrity merchandise thing is a joke, as usual we want to be like Jay Z and the lot of foreign celebrities who are popular worldwide but we are not there yet.

Sarkodie - Peace Sarkodie dressed in Sark

According to an opinion by GhanaCelebrities.Com, at the VGMAs, none of the guys who have their own clothing line wore it to the occasion as that could have been free advertising for them being it as the whole Ghana was there or watched the show. Read on as the website reported it.

The ‘copy copy’ propensities of Ghanaians always makes us copy what happens in the west, yet, we never get it right – the case study of celebrity clothing lines in Ghana in focus and how it jaunted into this year’s VGMA…

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