Study suggests labeling girls ‘fat’ causes later female obesity

The Wellesley News


Sports Editor

A recent study published by The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Pediatrics followed 2,400 ten-year-old girls for nearly a decade. Those who had reported a parent or teacher previously labeling them as overweight were 66 percent more likely to become overweight by the end of the study.

Students like Grace Wagner ’17 were disappointed after hearing this.

“I decided to come to Wellesley especially because it promotes so much openness. For example, in my Dower common room, there is a sticky-note on the scale that reminds everyone ‘your weight is just a number,’” Wagner said. “It would be really nice if the world outside of Wellesley was just as inclusive and accepting.”

In the study “Weight Labeling and Obesity: A Longitudinal Study of Girls Aged 10 to 19 Years,” researchers acknowledged that finding a causal relationship between childhood labels of obesity and…

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