Sizzurp No More

Tales Till Dawn

The drug popularized by rappers like Lil Wayne, Solja Boy and Gucci Mane is no longer in production. Promethazine codeinemixed with Sprite or Mountain Dew and sometimes Jolly Ranchers is  known as Purple drank, lean or sizzurp. Due to the misuse of the drug, Actavis the pharmaceutical company that produces promethanizine codeine released a statement saying that they have stopped production of the drug due to the glamorization of the misuse of the product. Its intended use is to treat symptoms from the common cold or flu. After hearing the news Solja Boy told TMZ he was pissed and was willing to pay $100,000 for the last of the product. He is also going to start a petition to get Actavis to produce the product again. He says he uses it to sleep when on the road but lets be honest when was the last time he was touring. This…

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