Nicki Responds to an Article by Forbes Citing Iggy Azalea Runs HipHop

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Nicki M.

Yesterday Forbes ran a questionable article citing that hiphop is run by a white, blonde woman referring to Iggy Azalea. Although the news received numerous critics, the content is off claiming that of late Nicki Minaj has been oddly quiet. The decision by Forbes came after the observations that Nicki Minaj has gone silent whereas Iggy has of late been releasing plenty of new songs.

After unfavorable social media backlash, Forbes decided to change the title to something appropriate HipHop Unlikely New Star: A White, Blonde Woman. In her interview with Breakfast Club, Nicki Minaj cackled with laughter when she heard that Forbes was forced to change the title. She continues with enlightenment, ‘’All Forbes need to worry about are my finances and when I’ll be selling the Myx fusion (refreshing fruit infused moscato beverage by Nicki Minaj) for $250million’’ She said smugly. Shortly, she stated that fans and the…

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